X-Factor Boards were designed with the environment in mind. With an ever smaller world closing in on us due to global warming, an alarming rate of the Earth's forest is cut down to be used in wood products. With the fight against deforestation in mind, X-Factor Boards wants to make a contribution to the cause by producing the first ever recyclable skateboard. The board is made out of recyclable plastic resin and absolutely no "wood" is used in the production.

How would this help the environment you might ask? Simple: When the board is no longer being used, it can be recycled again! This simple idea of recycling eases the strain on our natural resources (trees) and reduces greenhouse gases in our skies.

All of us on Earth have to start making decisions NOW to keep the Earth enviromentally safe for the skaters of today and tomorrow.

Take the step. The X-Factor step. Go Green!

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